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Don Oriolo 

  is an artist, musician, and writer best known for his work in the music publishing industry and for overseeing the Felix the Cat cartoon franchise after his father, Felix co-creator Joe Oriolo, died in 1985. 


Don Oriolo also owns and operates the Oriolo Guitar Company, a guitar, bass, and ukulele manufacture company whose products often feature Felix and other Oriolo-designed artwork. 


Oriolo has also authored a number of books featuring his paintings of Felix the Cat, whom he describes as his creative muse. Some of his music publishing credentials include writing Jon Bon Jovi's first charted track, as well as signing Meat Loaf and Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam.

Another Day to be Happy 

 is the 2018 release of Don Oriolo

and show cases his versatile vocal skills. ADTBH is heart warming, feet stomping, snap finger wonderful, each song will have you waiting for the next and put your heart in a sense of peace and excitement at the same time.

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